Building Confidence
through Self-Defense!


Confident Kid Workshop!

Our 1-hour workshop is designed to arm children with “confidence” by giving them simple, yet practical options to defend themselves from strangers and bullies. It will certainly give parents peace of mind knowing that their children will be more confident in a harmful situation. Our workshops are very interactive and fun, and the techniques are easy to learn!


What you will learn in our workshops...

• You will learn how to "Be Confident”, how to "Be Safe” and “What To Do” if grabbed by a bully or stranger.

• You will learn both Verbal AND Physical responses to threats.

• You will learn releases from five of the most common holds.

• You will learn what natural weapons/tools children have available for self-defense as well as HOW and WHERE to strike in order to get away.

• You will practice and role play with fun and interactive self-defense drills.

• Because the parent(s) attending, and playing the role of the “attacker”, they will be able to help their child continue to practice at home, while reinforcing the lessons learned. Together we will arm your children with confidence!

Our mission, as a 501c3 organization, is to arm children, teenage girls, and women with the confidence they need to be prepared for any situation.

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