You don't have to be a victim!


Ladies...Don't Be A Victim!
Learn how to EFFECTIVELY Defend Yourself!

All women must BE PREPARED. According to NSVRC statistics, 1 out of every 5 women in the United States has experienced a completed or attempted rape during her lifetime. We want to change that statistic by teaching practical self-defense principles and arming all teenage girls and women with the knowledge to defend themselves. Studies show that by taking a self-defense class, one dramatically reduces the chance of becoming victim! Arm Yourself with Confidence will empower women to “fight back”! .


What you will learn in our workshops...

• You will learn how to lead a safer, more confident life.

• You will learn the personality profiles of women and how to not become victimized.

• You will gain an awareness for situations that may present themselves.

• You will learn what natural weapons we already have and how to utilize them for self-defense situations.

• You will learn how to replace fear with practical self-defense techniques that are instinctive and easy to remember.

• You will learn five of the most common holds, as well as HOW to strike, WHERE to strike, and WHEN to strike in order to get away from an attacker. By role playing, each member will have multiple opportunities to practice what they are learning.

• Our workshops are designed to be informative, realistic, yet “family friendly and fun” for all women and teenage girls. Mothers and daughters often take the workshop together.

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